What is UtiliPay?
UtiliPay is an independent company that provides secure payments and utility billing software.
What types of payments will be accepted by UtiliPay?
UtiliPay accepts all major Credit/Debit Cards along with direct ACH echeck payments.
Can UtiliPay store payment options?
Yes, UtiliPay stores all credit/debit card and ACH information in the most secure way possible using secure tokens.
Who do I call for customer service?
All customer service questions come straight to UtiliPay’s corporate offices. Call centers are not used for customer service. UtiliPay’s staff has 17 years of customer service experience and are always happy to help you with any question you might have.
Can a customer mail in their payment or drop their payment at the utility office?
Can I pay my bill online at any time?
Yes, with UtiliPay’s account lookup feature you can look up your bill and pay it anytime using a credit or debit card.
Do I need an email address to make a payment online?
Yes, payment receipts are sent to the email address provided after a payment is approved.
Can UtiliPay make my Utility company more efficient and save them money?
Yes, UtiliPay saves your staff time and money with all the features we offer.